Off Day Watch, 10/20: Have We Talked About the Goalies?

With all the hubbub about LA’s offense, why has the defense stayed solid? Quick and Kuemper have helped.

It’s kind of funny that the goaltending has been lost to many in the Los Angeles Kings’ strong start to 2017-18. Normally, the goalies are all we hear about when things are good or when they’re bad, but there are so many new pieces to discuss that we’ve kind of neglected Jonathan Quick. (And Darcy Kuemper, I guess.) LA’s 5v5 save percentage is fifth-best in the NHL, while their overall save percentage leads the way thanks to the Kings’ .971 SV% on the penalty kill. That isn’t going to continue — only one team cleared .900 in that PK category — but it’s positive. With the Kings allowing an extra eight shot attempts per 60 minutes per game, goaltending is going to be even more important, and both Quick and Kuemper have seen their strong preseason efforts continue into the regular season. I hesitate to make snap judgments on whether their style has changed or they’re more composed, but I know they’re stopping more pucks, and that makes me happy.


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