Jonny Brodzinski Called Up to Los Angeles Kings

He’s not expected to make his NHL debut tonight, but he’ll probably get a look for LA down the stretch.

If there’s a silver lining to the way the Los Angeles Kings have plunged down the standings, it’s this: the kids should get plenty of playing time down the stretch. There was one prospective call-up remaining after Adrian Kempe got his shot, and as well as that one has worked out so far, why not pick the AHL’s fifth-leading goalscorer to follow in his tracks?

Jonny Brodzinski’s breakout season — he hasn’t scored 25 goals at any level since high school — was a refreshing development for a pipeline that lacked high-end scorers, but it isn’t a fluke. For one, he consistently scored a goal every two games in college, and after still managing 15 in a 65-game “adjustment” season with Ontario and a couple more goals in the playoffs, he was primed for a strong campaign. It’s also worth noting that Brodzinski is tenth in the AHL in shots, with 170; he’s worked hard for those 25 goals.

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Brodzinski picked up a knock on March 1 after getting checked against Stockton, which could have tanked his chances for a late-season look, but he recovered quickly and continued to find the net. And Mike Stothers was impressed all year long with Brodzinski, whom he praised for scoring AND for making teammates better.

According to Jon Rosen, Brodzinski probably won’t be in for the Kings tonight. With a Saturday night showing against the Rangers and back-to-back road games with Edmonton and Calgary coming up, he probably won’t wait long either.