Kings-Blues Preview: New Lineups

Since we last met the well rested St. Louis Blues...

IN: Carlo "Ow my face" Colaiacovo

OUT: Ian Cole (assigned to AHL), Alex Steen (concussion), Kent Huskins (ankle), Andy McDonald (concussion).

Rich Hammond has the new lines:


*Penner's great goal against Columbus seems to have inspired his move to the right side.

*Lokti lost the puck on a goal against and became a healthy scratch. Lewis got better reviews than Richardson. Wow, a coach that likes him! The FREE TREVOR LEWIS campaign is paying off!

*Clifford is rewarded with a bigger role. The question is, will that line receive the tough matchups? Richards hasn't been the same since his concussion. Hopefully the rest did him some good.

Game outlook: The Kings have won their last two matches against St. Louis, but the Blues are still nipping at the Red Wings' heels for the title of best possession team in the league. The Kings will need to be on their toes and hope their scoring trend continues. (Either that, or encourage Quick to mess with sorcery again.)

Go timestoppers!