Kings' Heidi Androl interviews Kings' Corey Perry after OT goal in Kings' Victory over -- wait, what??

Heidi Androl - Los Angeles Kings - Team -- LA Kings Official Website

Now in her third season as the female face of the Los Angeles Kings and the Manager of Production for Kings Vision, she has helped to increase viewership on the [Kings] team’s Web site and broadcasts since 2007. [...] In her first year with the team she was deemed one of Los Angeles’ up and coming sportscasters and she continues her quest towards being the best. Heidi has enjoyed her many features with the Kings, whether it was the Pre-Season in Salzburg, Austria and opening the season in London, dog sledding and curling in the Canadian Rockies or just covering a [Kings] practice at the Toyota Sports Center. All have given the [Kings] fans a unique inside look at the Los Angeles Kings. Heidi claims getting a hard time from [Kings' announcers] Bob, Jim and Patrick each night on the [Kings] telecast, getting to know the [Kings] fans personally and seeing the [Kings] team transform on the ice are the biggest joys of the job! Prior to joining the Kings, Heidi worked in the Aerospace industry which led to her appearance on Donald Trump’s “The Apprentice” where she starred in 13 out of 14 episodes.

I know they put you up to it, those mean Fox people! But, to quote someone held in high esteem by everyone in the Kings' community: