Kings Links - Almost There!

Hockey is coming soon!

The calendar has finally turned from a seemingly endless August with abundant rumors that kept us entertained to September, which means preseason games, which means HOCKEY IS ALMOST BACK! WOOOOO! Anyway, the new month also equates to everyone's favorite daily posts returning as well - that's right, Kings Links are back. I'll wait while you celebrate. All done? OK, good. On to what you came for.

Kings News

The Hockey News

Epic Stanley Cup tattoo is real. And it’s spectacular A woman tattooed a graphic of the Kings' Cup win on her leg and yes, it's real and totally awesome.

LA Kings Insider

SEPTEMBER 8: MONDAY MORNING LINKS Jon Rosen rounded up some pertinent information from around the league today. There's one link related to the Kings.


Clutch Winger Justin Williams is in New York City as part of the NHL 2014 Player Media Tour. Here he is posing, getting ready to for another clutch season.

In Other News

Quintal to lead NHL Department of Player Safety Stephane Quintal is taking over Brendan Shanahan's old job and has been promoted to Senior Vice President of Player Safety.

Pro Hockey Talk

Dubnyk unveils new mask Popular Swedish artist Dave Gunnarsson painted the netminder's new bucket.


Photos of Braden Holtby’s New Goalie Mask for the 2014-15 Season This is really cool. I love this design.

The Ovi Effect: How and Why Teammates Play Differently Next to Alex Ovechkin An attempt at using statistics to explain how the Russian winger affects the play of his teammates and why they don't score at even strength when they're on the ice with him.

The Pink Puck

Changes Mean Small Step for Fans; Giant Leaps Remain for Sporting Fan-kind A female fan's perspective on the actions the Chicago Blackhawks' ownership and management have made towards being more inclusive to a growing portion of the fan base. It's a little long, but it's a really good read about female fans in sports.