Kings Links - Darryl Sutter Rules Edition

Featuring a "Best of Darryl Sutter" from Jon Rosen.

I'm honestly lousy at titles so I just made something up.

Kings News

LA Kings Insider

THE QUOTABLE DARRYL SUTTER, 2014: PART I The surly, but beloved coach with his sarcastic remarks has made quite the impact in Los Angeles. Quotes 50-26, plus honorable mentions.

THE QUOTABLE DARRYL SUTTER, 2014: PART II My favorite might be the Thanksgiving quote. It still hurts my head trying to figure out his math.

Kings' celebration continues in the South Bay A recap of yesterday's parade.

Daily Breeze

Photos: Kings Parade through South Bay In case you couldn't make it down to South Bay, here are some high quality pictures of the event. Picture #12 is probably one of the best. Oh man. I wish he were the star of a reality show or something because I'd so watch that.


Rumblings: Kings loyal, Avs juggling Pierre LeBrun's article about how the Kings showed loyalty to John Stevens by retaining and promoting him.

In Other News

Mercury News

What’s going on with the Sharks? This is what happens when a franchise starts to have a nervous breakdown A basic nutshell of what's been going on with the Kings' rival to the north. It involves something about a "reboot."

SBNation NHL

Buyer beware with Matt Niskanen, a top NHL free agent defenseman Dude is in for a serious payday but is that the right move?

Bandwagon fans are good for hockey, and we shouldn't ridicule them Enough with the elitism, the so-called "bandwagon" fan is indeed good for hockey.

Fear the Fin

F*ck the San Jose Sharks Surprisingly, NOT a fanpost. I think the Kings kinda um ruined the Sharks...