Kings Links: Dr. Westgarth Answers It All; Kopitar In Top 10; Bailey Owns Dwight Howard In Free Throws

Plus: How much can we trust Forbes' estimates of team value?

A lot of fans around the league don't know who Kevin Westgarth is, but there's a reason this Princeton grad is so involved in the CBA talks. [Globe and Mail]

Wesgarth also participated in a Reddit "Ask Me Anything" session with David Backes and Mathieu Schneider. They couldn't discuss much about the NHLPA's next move, but there are some personal gems:

-Kevin, my wife (Carey-Jo) claims she was in the musical Greece with you in high school, and you were Danny, and you were great. Is there any truth to this? She was shocked when she passed by the TV and saw you on the screen! Big congrats from the two of us!

-There is truth to this. Thank god there weren't any camera phones back then. KW

Searching for "KW" (Control + F) will get all his replies. [Reddit AMA]

Kopitar is #8 on Eye on Hockey's Top 50 players list. Toews is 10th. That makes two lists I approve of. [CBS Sports]

Kopitar and Bobby Ryan both scored in Ryan's debut. [Sveriges Radio]

Speaking of Europe, former Monarchs captain Bud Holloway leads the top Swedish league in scoring. Some team should snap him up, eh? [Elite prospects]

The Kings are ranked tenth in Forbes' 2012 NHL team valuations... [Puck Daddy]

...however, there are many problems with taking Forbes' estimates as gospel. [mc79hockey]

"So let's get this straight: a 5'10" lion with a giant head is a better shooter than a 6'9" 15 million dollar a year NBA superstar?" Yep! Bailey owns Dwight Howard in free throws.

This even made "Pardon The Interruption." Go, plucky lion, go.