Kings Links - Game 2 Edition

All your current media narratives rounded up in one spot.

Kings News

Not news, but high quality photos from yesterday's practice.

Sporting News

Stanley Cup Final: Picking the story line carcass at Staples Center Speaking of media narratives, here are six popular ones as compiled by Sean Gentille.

Mama's Boy - Jarret Stoll As always, Deborah Lew (staff writer for does great work. She writes about what it's like to watch the playoffs from a mother's perspective.

Line-shuffling helped Kings rally for Game 1 victory Corey Masisak examines some of the many, many lines in Game 1 and includes Sutter's reasoning behind the Great Line Shuffle of 2014.

Kings forward Trevor Lewis recalls his path to NHL Everyone's favorite scapegoat err bottom sixer with brick hands updated his blog about how he got to the NHL.

The Royal Half

The Kings org is at it again with the billboards, this time in NYC with one of Will Ferrell screaming just about a block from away from MSG. Sadly the Will Ferrell one got changed, but it was nice while it lasted.

Kings fans trash LA bar on Yelp after profane taunt I included this only for the hilariously bad business sense from the owner to allow this to happen. Some angry Blackhawks fan decided to put up a sign with the Kings logo and a caption underneath that read "Hey Kings, go F--K yourselves!!!" I'm sure this delightful person thought it was a riot. Maybe next time the genius owner will screen content before putting it out for the public to see.

LA Register

No end in sight to the fun for Kings' Mitchell A great piece from Hammond on how much Willie Mitchell is enjoying himself and this time of the season. It includes his future plans. SPOILER ALERT: He wants to keep playing.

Kings' Voynov learns lesson, ready for next test To say Slava Voynov has been having a rough postseason would be an understatement. So how does everyone's (current) favorite Russian deal with it? Short memory and be ready to play the next game.

UPDATE: Two more stories I forgot to include originally. Sorry! But they're really good. Read them.

Globe and Mail

Thanks to Kings, hockey is hot in L.A. A wonderfully written piece about the growth of hockey in Southern California and how much the Kings' success means to the surrounding communities.


Humble beginnings shaped Kings’ Williams And because I can't resist anything about Justin Williams, whom I love a lot, here's a piece about how amazing he was growing up (which of course shouldn't be shocking because only the best of the best ever make it to the NHL)

Rangers News

Rangers' Lundqvist excited by magnitude of Final The world's Handsomest Goalie is thrilled to be playing on such a big stage and is ready for the pressure of carrying his team. It's what he's been doing for the last 9 years anyway.

Rangers' Ryan McDonagh warrants attention on the ice The Rangers' defenseman is really, really good. He has speed, skill, size and wits. Pay attention to him.

Dorsett glad for two-day break in Stanley Cup Final Forward Derek Dorsett got to enjoy the two day break and the absolute gorgeous beach weather LA has been having (which I'm sure beats the cold, ugly wind that's been around NYC lately).

Elsewhere Around the League

Martin Brodeur to test free agency Marty Brodeur and his giant ego has decided it's time to move on to greener pastures. I surmise he'll try to land in the Western Conference but we'll see who wants him.

Report: Maple Leafs among 6 teams interested in Sharks' Joe Thornton The Leafs have reportedly kicked the tires on ol' Jumbo. But they should really wait for Mike Richards, IMO. At least he's a winner.

The Score

The Islanders, Dan Boyle, and building a team nobody wants to play for Three ways to improve a team that everyone thinks is terrible and no one wants to play for.

5 fun things to know about the Stanley Cup Final Your educational moment for the day. These are actually kinda fun, though.

SBNation NHL

Do the Pittsburgh Penguins know what they're doing? In short: Probably not. They've made some very weird changes and on the surface, none of them really seem for the better.

Five For Howling

Saturday's Coyotes Tracks - the Final resumes At the risk of making my post exceedingly long, I'm linking to another links post. Brendan Porter did an excellent job of collecting news from around the league as well all the happs with the Coyotes. I recommend checking out his links for all things Arizona Coyotes.