Kings Links - Game 2 Hangover Edition

Did that really happen last night?

I wanted to get this out earlier but I was too busy enjoying last night's game. I like to do links posts everyday because I dunno, they're fun. Anyway, today's will be short since yesterday/last night was kind of a slow news day. Instead of doing typical Kings and Rangers news, I'll just do some news clippings.

What They're Saying

The Score

Kings 5, Rangers 4: Brown scores 2OT winner in Game 2 of Stanley Cup Final Perfect game recap and analysis for the ADD oriented.

Sporting News

Stanley Cup Final: Want to pick playoff winners? Try Score-Adjusted Fenwick Travis Yost thinks the Kings have an advantage in the series in terms of fancy stats, particularly score-adjusted fenwick.

LA Times

Kings raise comebacks to an art form, and Game 2 win is a masterpiece Bill Plaschke does a marvelous job recapping the game and integrating quotes from the players.

New York Post

Rangers’ Henrik Lundqvist fumes at no-call on late goal It's always cause for a controversy, but goalie interference probably should be reviewable. Dwight King's early third period goal should not have been allowed and is yet more fuel in the fire of the goalie interference debate.

Rangers’ Mats Zuccarello continues strong offensive play The Rangers' forward is the only Norwegian player in the NHL and he's been making waves during these playoffs. Getting the inside position on a back checking Anze Kopitar at the goalmouth is just one example of how good he's been.

New York Times

Kings’ Resilience Rests, Quietly, With Jonathan Quick An interesting look at Jonathan Quick's performance through the playoffs thus far and how he's (mostly) keeping his team in the game, despite some ugly gaffes.

Kings Again Take the Lead Only When Necessary: At the End Kind of your basic game recap story, but well written.

New York Daily News

NY Rangers series deficit dampens Game 3 Garden homecoming Rangers are down and probably will be out soon. Winning four of five against the Kings seems nearly impossible. It's not quite as hyperbolic as it sounds, but it's close.


BROWN'S DOUBLE-OT WINNER CAPS KINGS' GAME 2 RALLY Game story that includes references to possession metrics. I've never seen that in any professional (like non-blog) journalistic (journalism?) outlet before.


Deficits don't mean squat to resilient Kings Kind of your basic game recap, but includes some stuff about how they stand by and will support their goalie no matter what anyone in the media says.


Jon Rosen's Waking Up With The Kings was put up shortly after I published this. Cockroach narratives aside, it's a good piece.

Elsewhere Around the League

Being that it's summer for 28 other teams, there's not much currently happening.

Nucks Misconduct

The search for a new head coach continues. John Stevens is of interest to the Canucks' front office again. Our friends over at Nucks Misconduct has the roundup of potential candidates, including Dan Bylsma.

Pension Plan Puppets

Since Maple Leafs' GM Dave Nonis is supposedly actively shopping his entire roster, the good folks over at PPP decided to take a look at asset management, who should go and who needs to stay.

Lighthouse Hockey

Root of all Evil: "Rooting for New York" Support Group This isn't really "news" per se, but it was a post I found intriguing nonetheless. Many Islanders fans are experiencing a question based on geographical location: why not cheer for New York?

Puck Daddy

Pierre McGuire thought Penguins GM job was his Pierre McGuire was already planning on moving to Pittsburgh and had started to design his office when he learned that they went in a different direction. I actually kinda feel bad for the guy. Mostly, I feel bad that the Penguins' entertainment value significantly decreased.

Totally Random

Dad, Distilled: The Scotch He Wants for Father's Day Since Father's Day is coming up in a week from now, the Wall Street Journal posted an article about what dads really want: Scotch. Just thought I'd add this article for fun.