Kings Links - International Beer Day

Yes, it is a real thing.

Since nothing goes better with hockey than beer, the theme of today's links is the delightful, tasty carbonated beverage that comes in a variety of flavors and has less sugar in it than soda (ok I made the soda part up, I don't really know if it has less sugar in it).

Kings News

LA Kings Insider

CATCHING UP WITH DEREK ARMSTRONG A brief preview of the former centerman who sat down with Jon Rosen to talk about his career with the Kings and rooting for his old team during the playoffs.

PLAYER EVALUATION: REGEHR The veteran defenseman brought his grit and experience to the team for another year and his efforts to hold them back (KIDDING, KIDDING) were rewarded with the opportunity of lifting the Stanley Cup over his head. You may not like him, but you can't deny his INTANGIBLES.

In Other News

Anaheim Calling

#8 to be Retired January 11th The first ballot Hall of Famer will have his jersey retired by his last team in front of his first team in January. If it weren't for their terrible opponent, it might actually be a game worth attending.

Globe and Mail

P.K. Subban still without a contract after meeting with Habs The star defenseman originally from Toronto (cue rumors of him returning to his hometown team in 3... 2...) took the Montreal Canadiens to salary arbitration but left today without a deal. So now it's up to the arbitrator to decide what he's worth.


Top 10 NHL Tweets of the Month: July Well when you're 20-something, good looking and obscenely wealthy, it's not hard to fathom why you'd be surrounded by women. Also, the Kings' captain got to be on the list twice! Woo!

The Oatmeal

20 Things Worth Knowing About Beer In honor of International Beer Day, here are 20 facts about beer in comic form.

14 Facts About Beer You Didn't Know... Some of the same facts, but there are some different ones.

If you are going to celebrate International Beer Day, please remember to do so responsibly. Cheers!