Kings Links - Behind the Rings, Fun Goalie Facts

Which ring is your favorite?

As the hours grow shorter (in the northern hemisphere anyway) and day quickly turns into night, we realize at some point, life goes on. The Slava Voynov news was shocking and unsettling in many ways. With that said, and a game on the horizon tomorrow, we return to our regularly scheduled links post. Let's all remember that there is good and beauty in the world and hockey can be fun.

Kings News

The Kings’ Rings Deborah Lew finds out how Tiffany & Co. designed the Kings' 2014 championship rings.

GIFs of the Week Relive all the good things that happened this week.

The Book On….Bill Ranford and Jonathan Quick Really great, interesting little excerpts from a book called The Goaltenders' Union about the (now) goalie coach and the star goalie as well.

LA Kings Insider

CATCHING UP WITH LAKINGS.COM Rosen has posted a lot of what I already did but he also embedded some videos from Kings Vision, which is cool. Feel free to ignore the stuff about the Ice Crew.

Mayor's Manor

Mayor’s Minutes on NHL Radio – talking Voynov, Muzzin, Martinez, Kopitar Talking all things Kings.

In Other News

Analytics say give backup goaltender a chance What's fascinating about this is that the trend started becoming noticeable in 2011-12.

Blues' Pietrangelo shaves head to support niece A very sweet and touching story about how the defenseman decided to pick up the cause for his niece and made a really nice gesture.

The Score

NHL Power Rankings - Week 3: Canadiens move into top 10, Devils fall to 12th Seems like a fair list to me, but I'm probably biased.

Ryan Miller and the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day Things went hilariously wrong for the netminder and it wasn't really his fault.


Joe Thornton Relives Glory Days, Awesome Haircut With Bruins (Video) This is a really fantastic video. It's a really great interview.

World Women 2015

19 officials named Some really excellent news from the IIHF.