The Kings are Preseason Champs right now.

The Kings have only lost in a shootout to the Arizona Coyotes so far in the preseason. You should be excited because this TOTALLY means that the Kings will far exceed everyone's expectations during the regular season and cruise their way to another Stanley Cup. Yup. That's exactly how it works in the preseason, right?

Kings News

OC Register
Kings beat Sharks as Doughty, Quick return Hammer's game story from yesterday's victory.

Mayors Manor
Training Camp Open, Kings Trade Coming Next This article is actually almost a month old but oh well. Jon Rosen thought it was important enough to include in his links roundup so now I am, too. I still think that Lombardi and Hoven are way overrating the team's need for a "defensive" defenseman but hey, no one asked me so I guess it doesn't matter.

LA Times
Kings Coach Darryl Sutter 'not into' team-bonding exercises "If you've got to go somewhere to learn about your personality, you probably have a disorder." Is Sutter the best or is he the best?
EA Sports' simulation predicts repeat by Kings Sure it doesn't mean anything (and is pretty inaccurate), but it's fun to think about.

In Other News

Bleacher Report
2014-15 NHL Predictions: Preview and Picks for Pacific Division I disagree with about half of what Urtz wrote, especially the new/old rivals and the best goalie. The best line, however, was totally spot on.

The Hockey News
Flyers’ ice girls flip flop a massive insult to female fans A pretty well written piece about how the Philadelphia Flyers got it wrong and are siding with the wrong fan group.

North Dakota’s new dressing room looks pretty sweet One of Dean's favorite schools to draft kids from/who are committed to going there when they get drafted recently renovated their (hockey only?) dressing rooms and they look pretty awesome.

As always, if I missed anything/got anything wrong, feel free to share in the comments.