Kings Links - Return of Regehr; Best "Best Man" Speech; FOB at ASG

Robyn Regehr looks to be making a return to the lineup soon.

Kings News

OC Register

Kings hope Regehr's return will bring stability The team's season savior is Robyn Regehr. Apparently.

LA Kings Insider

JANUARY 16 PRACTICE NOTES Some different line combinations at practice today. Will they stick tomorrow?

WATCH: Stanley Cup Moments - Episode 11 - The Voices A focus on Bob Miller and Jim Fox.


So Jake Muzzin is the best.

Monarchs News

MONARCHS AUCTIONS LA Kings Night Jersey auction, also featuring Alec Martinez Bobblehands!

Sn 11 Ep 14: 2015 All Star Colin Miller, Rampage Garrett Willson & the Wild’s Joe O’Donnell Defenseman and All Star Colin Miller joined the Power Play Post Show to talk about growing up in Sault Ste. Marie.


In Other News


A Deep Dive Into the NHL’s Pacific Division Is the division as good as it seems?


Sharks’ Couture: Kings’ Kopitar most underrated This is more of a story on a story.

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Fall Out Boy will light mups at the NHL All-Star Game Because the NHL sure knows how to pick good bands.

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The United States, Divided By The Booze They Drink This has nothing to do with hockey except most of us on the blog like to drink booze. Anyway, I just thought I'd share for shits and giggles.