Kings Links - Sedin'd; Playoff Pie; Stacked Divisions; Why Wings Suck

Kings got played like a buncha Canuckleheads; Quisp brings us an update of the playoff pie (PS: stop winning Jets); best divisions in NHL history; WIIM ponders why their team sucks now.

The Los Angeles Kings royally screwed the whale last night and lost their playoff spot meanwhile giving those bastards up in Vancouver a spot. Blech.

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LA Kings Insider

WAKING UP WITH THE KINGS: APRIL 7 Jon Rosen looks for the positives in last night's game. There weren't many.

APRIL 7 MEDIA AVAILABILITY: DARRYL SUTTER Amongst his usual surly and terse responses, Sutter has a few interesting things to say but doesn't reveal who will be tonight's starter.

Taste of the South Bay Some details about the annual event.

Tweets of the Game: #OnePoint Fan reactions from the game.

McSorley's Stick

POST-GAME PIE: NOT AS BAD AS YOU THINK Updated playoff pie courtesy of Quisp; he tries to be positive but I'm not seeing the optimism.

In Other News


Patrick Preeminence: What Are the Greatest Divisions in NHL History? Sean McIndoe hops into his time machine and looks back at some of the most stacked divisions in NHL history.

Winging It In Motown

Why Do the Red Wings Suddenly Suck? With just six wins in 18 games, the Detroit Red Wings have recently hit a losing skid that's raising some eyebrows in the Motor City.

Puck Daddy

Which NHL coaches are getting fired after this season? Which teams might be seeing some new faces behind the bench next fall?

Jack Johnson caught up in ex-NFL player’s Ponzi scheme: Report You really gotta feel for Jack Johnson. He didn't ask for this crap and ended up getting screwed.