Kings Links - T-Minus 12 Days

Just under two weeks left until opening night but who's counting??

It feels like October can't get here soon enough. Imagine how long the summer would be if the Kings HADN'T won the Cup. Unbelievable. Anyway. On to the news as we inch closer towards the home opener.

Kings News

LA Kings Insider

PLAYERS WON’T BE ON ICE AS LONG DURING BANNER CEREMONY It'll be short and sweet this time.

TOFFOLI’S CONFIDENCE IMPROVED FROM A YEAR AGO He got nervous coming into camp last year and therefore struggled. But he's got his groove confidence back now!

NICK EBERT FAR FROM "MR. IRRELEVANT" The very last pick taken in the draft has grown leaps and bounds over the last two years. He's got a long way to go, but he does have the potential for an NHL career.

OC Register

Jones ready for any opportunity he gets The young backup is relishing every moment he has to soak up more experience and be as prepared as possible for the upcoming season.

Do players hide injuries from teammates? Click the link to find out.

The Royal Half

TeamTRH Joins the Nation Network Click for the goodies.

In Other News

The Score

Zach Parise baffled by dump and chase: 'It’s so hard to get it, why would you give it away?' After doing some research this summer, the winger is somewhat confused by giving up the puck after forecheck.

This Day in Hockey History Fun facts about the Boston Bruins.


Teen Titans: McDavid, Eichel top McKenzie's Draft Ranking Connor McJesus and Murican Jack Eichel are atop the draft list where they belong. The only sad thing about being a champion is not being able to draft a kid like Eichel or Noah Hanafin, a drool worthy defense prospect (and let's face it, our pipeline is a bit thin -- though considering how young most of our D-corps is, that's not such a horrible thing).