Kings Links - Thank You, Dean

Undoubtedly one of the best GMs in the league and the best this team has ever had.

I will keep this brief as I hadn't really intended to do a links post today but there were a few things that I didn't want to wait until tomorrow.

Kings News

Toronto Sun

Leafs' Tim Leiweke didn't want Darryl Sutter in L.A. The former AEG CEO threatened Dean Lombardi's job if he wanted to hire Darryl Sutter. I think we all know how that turned out.

The Hollywood Reporter

L.A. Kings Players Shave Their Playoff Beards for THR (Video) Neither Jake Muzzin nor Trevor Lewis actually decided to go totally clean shaven. Also, look carefully at their picture of #73. Apparently proofreading is a difficult job.

Crowned Royal

THE MOUTH’S 2014 KINGS CHAMPIONSHIP VIDEO OF GLORY Check out the video, it's pretty well done.


Let's all take a moment to appreciate what an amazing person Jonathan Quick is and what we would lose if the Kings ever traded him.

Warning: NSFW

Link here.

And for all the keepings up with the Cup, check out Philip Pritchard's timeline. Luc Robitaille and meatballs? That's pretty awesome.

In Other News

AZ Central

Coyotes get ready to make their moves They're not a cap team, but they're not a floor team anymore, either. Given that their budget is now comfortably in the middle range, that could potentially help them get into the playoffs. Sarah McLellan takes a look at what moves the Coyotes will need to make this summer.

Daily News

U.S. can advance to World Cup knockout stage by beating Portugal In case you didn't know, the U.S. will take on Portugal today at 3pm PT.

The Leafs Nation

Who will win at the 2014 NHL Awards? Another Steve Dangle Glynn video. This time it's his predictions.

Pro Hockey Talk

Ranking the five best 2014-2015 home openers The projected five best home openers; includes Sharks at Kings.

The Score

Lightning will not present Anders Lindback with qualifying offer Reportedly, Stevie Y will be pursuing free agents on the market. Probably best givens that their current backup is uhh... Well... Not that good...

Alright, that's all I got. If I missed anything, as always, leave me a note in the comments.