Kings Links - Return to Philly

John Stevens gets his day with the Cup.

Lord Stanley's trophy is back in the US for a couple days before heading to Canada for more parties. If you want to find out the schedule through Saturday, click here.

Kings News

LA Kings Insider

PLAYER EVALUATION: WILLIAMS Clutchy McClutcherson came up big in the playoffs, but how was he during the regular season? (Spoiler alert: He was fine).

MONARCHS INTRODUCE STOTHERS, UNVEIL NEW JERSEYS I posted this yesterday but I'm going to post it again today. The new jerseys are ugly and devoid of color (so no, I don't like them, personally) to match the big club's uniforms. Bring back the purple and make it sparkly, please.

Playoff Moments: #12 Zero's The majesty of #32 on his game, blanking the New York Rangers.

Playoff Moments: #11 Reality Check A pair of rookie goaltenders were no match for the mental fortitude of the Kings.


In Other News

Constructing an AHL Roster A really good look at how AHL teams are put together and the considerations that most NHL clubs take in doing so.

The Score

WWE vs. WCW and the Monday Night Wars A bunch of you were talking about the WWE recently so this is for you.

The Hollywood Reporter

Dodgers Announcer Vin Scully Remains the Gold Standard, But Is Retirement on His Mind? Sort of yes, sort of no. It doesn't seem very clear, but then again, that's probably the answer. It's a well written piece about Vin Scully's historical career and how he came to be (one of) the best broadcaster in professional sports' history.