Kings Links - the SC in AC

The Cup is still in Atlantic City before it heads north to Coburg then to Kitchener.

Sorry about the title, that was me being dumb and trying to be clever. Anyway, Justin Williams brought the trophy to Ventnor Hall and Caesar's today. Tomorrow he gets a parade in his hometown before he hands it off to Tanner Pearson on Sunday. I presume after that it'll go to his teammate in Kenora but that's just speculation and the schedule is kind of all over the place.

Kings News

LA Kings Insider

PLAYER EVALUATION: LEWIS The versatile fourth liner had a career high six goals this year and was a top choice for Coach Sutter as a penalty killer.

Kitchener Events

The Stanley Cup Is Coming To Kitchener Details for Pearson's day on Sunday.

In Other News

The Score

Jarome Iginla and 5 other players who will never win a Stanley Cup They're all on largely terrible teams (with one exception) and/or their big, hulking cap hits make it difficult to build around these guys.

Sporting News

Looking for sleeper team? Devils a good bet With an egotistical aging goalie leaving the team via free agency, the team now has a better option in net and should expect at least a decent performance from the guy they just signed long term. Also, there's no way they're going to repeat last year's shootout luck so that should help.

Canucks Army

HIP HIP HU-VEY! CANUCKS INK TALENTED 23 YEAR OLD I forgot to link this earlier but yeah, he accepted a one year deal at his qualifying offer.

FINDING SOME COMFORT IN MEDIOCRITY FOR THE TIME BEING OK, so they're not that good right now. But they're not that bad either. And that's not necessarily a negative. They're not really a contender and they have a few stop gaps in place to see how much these kids are ready to take on full time NHL roles and while they continue to further their development.

Matchsticks and Gasoline

Sam Bennett should go back to junior The kid has a very, very bright future in the NHL but he's young and undersized and there's no room for him in the lineup. Rather than waste his talents on the fourth line with limited minutes and burn a year off his ELC, it's probably better for him to go back to playing with kids and keep developing.