Kings Links - Tyler Toffoli's Day

The <strike>baby</strike> uh <strike>preteen</strike> uhh... *Checks his birthday* Wait, he&#39;s actually 22??

Breaking news: Tyler Toffoli is actually not 12 years old anymore. Huh. Also, the links post will mainly contain tweet of his day with the Cup.

Kings News

LA Kings Development Camp Set For Toyota Sports Center On July 7 The official roster.

Video: President Obama calls Brown & Lombardi This is pretty neat. I love the little dig at Chicago.

LA Kings Insider

PLAYER EVALUATION: GREENE Jon Rosen has started his player and started numerically with #2. He also gave us at JFTC a little shout out. Wooo!

KEEPING UP WITH THE CUP: JULY 3 Includes one picture of Toffoli with his dad and the Cup.


Because... Well Drew Doughty is a gem, that's why. Also, baby pictures of Tyler Toffoli with the Cup.

I particularly love his expression in the picture on the right.

In Other News


NHL Grab Bag: Free to Be You and Me Featuring the five best and worst free agency signings so far, among other things.

Sporting News

NHL free agency: What is Dale Tallon doing? lol wutter yew doin', you crazy mad man?? OK, maybe not quite that dramatic. But the Panthers GM has made some curious moves this offseason.

NHL free agency: Mike Commodore messing with Red Wings? In case you haven't heard, dude twitter trolled Detroit fans and it was kinda funny.

Globe and Mail

What should the Leafs do with James Reimer? Mirtle doesn't give a suggestion, he merely reiterates what's been happening in the Leafs-Goalies Saga. I guess he wants readers to draw their own conclusion.

2013-14 by the numbers: Saad continued maturing into power game Because apparently the Blackhawks have to be better at everything hockey related than everyone else, now they're at the forefront of #fancystats.