Kings Links - Uuuuugggggghhhhhhhhh

So that sucked last night.

Las Cucarachas were dealt a cruel blow last night so let's find out what everyone is saying the morning after. I will include ONE article that talks about puck luck. The rest, you can go seek out on your own because I think we're all tired of seeing and hearing about it.

Kings News


The Hockey Gods ruined the Los Angeles Kings' Stanley Cup party plans Pretty much how it sounds, although this particular author apparently had a chance to observe the Kings' family members in the aftermath of this game.

LA Register

Kings have done it the hard way all postseason, so why stop now? Jeff Miller's piece is a little bit dramatic in places, though I think he did it on purpose.

Kings are sweep-deprived with 2-1 loss to Rangers Rich Hammond's game story and includes quotes from both teams. Rangers had their bounces last night, according to their star goalie.

LA Weekly

The Man Behind the L.A. Kings' Hilarious Twitter Account A fantastic look at Pat Donahue, Jr., the man behind the curtain, er uh Kings' twitter account and how he tries to be a little bit different than everyone else.

LA Kings Insider

WAKING UP WITH THE KINGS: JUNE 12 Jon Rosen's take on last night's game.

Rangers News

PHOTO: New York newspapers break out the snow puns after Rangers' Game 4 win SnOMG, the puns are truly terrible here.

Rangers' Lundqvist continues dominant ways in elimination games Raise your hand if you're shocked that the New York netminder has a good record in elimination games. Put your hands down, you liars.

Rangers coach Alain Vigneault on Game 4 win: the hockey gods 'were there tonight' Presented without comment.

In Other News


PLAYOFF LFR: GOAL LINE GHOST How could I NOT include a Steve Dangle video??? I forgot to include it in my last two posts so I'm making doubly sure to include it now. Watch it, laugh and don't forget, he's a Leafs fan - he's already dead inside.

Second City Hockey

Blackhawks Zone Entries & Shot Generation In The Playoffs Jen LC, whom you may know as @regressedPDO on twitter, recently completed a #fancystats project she was working on during the playoffs. Read it and be terrified of how good the Blackhawks are and will continue to get and will be if they get a legit 2C.

The Score

Flyers GM Ron Hextall discussed possible trade with Lecavalier's agent The 34 year old former Lightning captain could be on the move again but it's complicated.

Fixing one of Paul Holmgren's final gaffes Speaking of which, this article goes a little bit more in depth on the aging star and cites Montreal as a place he could potentially wind up

Grabovski's agent believes Capitals looking to re-sign his client Dude was huge for the Capitals last season and the pending free agent says he would like to stay with the Caps.

Penguins hire Jason Karmanos as VP of hockey operations He gets a fresh start with the Penguins organization where he can be known for something other than the owner's son.

Sporting News

NHL's stance on expanded video review has some holes "If we can't get it perfect, we can't do it" - NHL Competition Committee. Sean Gentille explains why that's not a good approach to take.

Mayors Manor

The Kings and prospect Kevin Gravel have reportedly agreed to an AHL contract. Link. More details to come.



Luck Is Hockey's "Bullshit Dump" It's basically a take on the "luck doesn't exist" argument. One of the commenters suggested that perhaps Barry's outlook on this was "digging pretty deep into the semantic debate about what randomness even means on a statistical level, and whether it even exists at all." But in any case, a recommended read and very well written.