Kings Links - Weekend in Europe

The Stanley Cup visited Slovakia before heading to Slovenia.

Philip Pritchard brought the shiny trophy from Sweden to Finland to Slovakia and finally to Slovenia. The Kings' beloved mascot flew out to see his BFF in Jesenice.

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ESPYS Vote for the Kings in the following categories: Best Game; Best Team. Also, Anze Kopitar is up for Best NHL Player so make sure you vote for him and don't let a certain Canadian superstar - who is actually the best player in the world - win this category. Also, the other Canadian superstar is in the same category so his competition stiff. You can vote until Wednesday.

Mayors Manor

KHL vs. Kings – Update on Prokhorkin Contract Situation In short, apparently the Kings' most intriguing prospect didn't file his contract termination papers early enough. Now his agent is apparently working on a new contract with the CSKA general manager to keep him in the KHL for one more year.

Adding Weight to the Doughty vs. Stamkos Debate tl;dr. I skipped to the question that I already knew the answer to: Even with the first overall pick, the Kings would still have taken a defenseman over a forward. That's just their philosophy. It's how they drafted back then.


Marian Gaborik Fan Page See all the pictures and videos of Gaborik's day with the Cup. It's obviously all in Slovakian but it's pretty cool nonetheless, especially seeing him take the trophy for a spin in a custom painted BMW.

LA Kings Stanley Cup Tour You can see Anze Kopitar and Marian Gaborik's days here. Check out all the pictures of Bailey with Kopi because it's awesome.


That rascal Bailey is at it again.

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NHL free agency: Canada corners the intangible market Lots of grit, heart, truculence and leadership on these Canadian teams now.


FRANCHISE FACEOFF This is a summer long series on TSN that I just discovered exists. This edition is Erik Karlsson vs Alex Pietrangelo. Which star defenseman would you rather build a franchise around? Personally, I'd go with Karlsson. His defensive game is a tad underrated, IMO.

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Blackhawks Fan Files Suit After Being Hit by Puck More than a year after being hit in the face by a flying puck, a fan is suing the United Center for negligence in its installation and maintenance of the safety nets. And before anyone gets all high and mighty, this could happen at any arena so please don't say, "Just like our team, Staples Center is better" or any bullshit like that. Thanks.


Watch ESPN's must-see World Cup montage video If you can stomach Coldplay for four minutes, it's supposed to be a very good video. Now that the World Cup is over, I kinda don't care so I didn't watch it.


Tell me what you would like to see. It's summer, so there's not a whole lot of news coming out of the Kings camp aside from the Stanley Cup tour. The World Cup is also over and there's still six-ish weeks until training camp opens. I doubt any of you follow cycling... So what do you want to see? LA Galaxy news? Dodgers news? Giants news? Let me know what you want in the comments. Your silence means you don't care so I'll just keep on doing whatever I want.