The Kings' official 2013 schedule released -- now the lockout's really over!

The CBA has been ratified, and the legal paperwork sorted at last. The official schedule is out. The trade floodgates will open at 9 pm Pacific/Midnight Eastern.

The Los Angeles Kings' official schedule has been confirmed. The lockout is over!

Camps will begin this Sunday as expected, much to the relief of coaches everywhere.

The schedule conformed to the 99-day plan outlined by sources. The Kings' home opener will indeed be Saturday, 12pm, at Staples Center on January 19th. The Kings play San Jose at home again on the final day of the regular season, April 27th.

Kings vs. Pacific Divison

The Kings play all 48 games in the Western conference, with special emphasis on their own division. Here's how it breaks down:

This wasn't the perfect arrangement for the Kings in terms of travel, and it messes with our Battle of California rivalry a little, but maybe the schedule makers were trying to make it easier on the other teams. San Jose is likely the strongest opponent in the division, and they see them less often -- although the Kings had such good puck possession numbers against the Sharks that I wasn't really worried on that score.

More analysis of the schedule to come. All eyes are on the clock, as seven months of pent up signings and trades will happen at last.

Trading madness begins 9 pm PT

The Kings aren't expected to make major moves, as they were quite happy to bring back their full Stanley Cup winning roster. Despite a wave of very old Jonathan Bernier rumors, the Kings are in no position to trade him. However, they do have a glut of defense prospects. And we will want to keep an eye on which teams bolster their status as a contender.

Get ready for a wild weekend! Welcome back!