Kings Prospect Mack Truck -- er -- Kyle Clifford, in the Barrie Examiner

Colts forward Kyle Clifford is built like a Mack truck. He weighs 200 pounds and stands six feet tall. The 18-year-old Los Angeles Kings draft pick nearly stuck with the NHL squad at the beginning of the year.

He was just about qualified to play against 35-year-olds, and now he's going into the corners against 16-year-olds.

"There are different ages out there, and there are bigger guys and younger guys," Clifford said. "But I treat every player the same way, whether he's 16 or 21 years old.

"We've got to play hard, but you've got to know your limits and play fair."

via Accidents will happen in contact sports - The Barrie Examiner - Ontario, CA.