Kings/Red Wings: back on the horse [Game #67 Preview]

Kings Roster Notes: (IN) Jonathan Quick (2.22 GAA, .918 SV%), Brad Richardson. (OUT) Kevin Westgarth, Peter Harrold, Davis Drewiske, Scott Parse.

Wings Roster Notes: (IN) Jimmy Howard (2.82 GAA, .907 SV%). (OUT) Brian Rafalski (back spasms), Patrick Eaves (lower body). Drew Miller is scratched.

If you think the Kings giving up the lead against Dallas was bad, well, the Wings gave up a 3 goal lead in the third and fell in a shootout against the Coyotes.  This kicked in the Babcock Death Stare to the point that his eyes seemed to emit beams of firey red light, and he gave them all a good talking-to in between texting XXOOs to his favorite young defensive crushes, Doughty and Pietrangelo.  Meanwhile handsome Cyborg hockey divinity Nik Lidstrom has scored 6 points in the last 5 games, and is wondering why coach doesn't act like he's special anymore.  (I think you are, Nik!  Hugs!)  The real point of this story is that this team had its Champion Status(tm) questioned, and I bet they'll come out determined.

Drew and JJ have made some high-profile mistakes lately, but there's no way out but through.  I wish I had the ability to say "Hey, relax and be confident!  Just stop with all the f-ups you're doing" and make that work, but I don't know how to strike that delicate balance, and that's why I'm not the coach.  So get back on the horse and break a leg and whatnot.  Except broken limbs make equestrian sports difficult.  Dammit, you're the young studs, you can figure it out.  I believe in you.  You too, Quickie.

Terry Murray is also changing up the power play tonight, causing every single blog poster (myself included) to believe that he/she was responsible, we did it all, it was that last internet comment that finally got through.  Good work, folks.  All those all-caps really meant something. Eleventy one.  

I always request that games in hand be turned into wins.  This time I'll add a pretty please.  Let's see what it will bring.