Kings-Red Wings Preview: Apologies to Goalies

Since we last forgot how to play against the Detroit Red Wings...

IN: Kyle Quincey, G Joey MacDonald, Gustav Nyquist, Janik

OUT: Pavel Datsyuk (knee surgery, noooo), Nicklas Lidstrom (ankle, nooooo x2), Jakub Kindl (upper-body injury), Jonathan Ericsson (wrist), Patrick Eaves (concussion). Jimmy Howard and Todd Bertuzzi have groin injuries and are day to day.

Enemy Reading: Winging It In Motown

Possible lines:




Game outlook: Boy, that was a terrible game yesterday, huh? It's almost like they had someone who knew everything the Kings were going to d--nevermind, it's not too hard for anyone to guess.

The bad news: the effort was largely pathetic, aside from Jonathan Bernier and Anze Kopitar. (Everyone should write the goalie an apology note...again.) The good news: at least most games lately haven't been like that.

LA officially has the worst travel schedule in the league this year (no joke), and now, thanks to that last clunker, must summon more effort and energy from somewhere. They're in the middle of a stretch with three games in four days.

The Red Wings are hurting, but they're still the freaking Red Wings. The Kings will need to be more prepared on every level to win.

Seriously, Kings. Make your goalies happy, dammit!