Kings Roundtable 3.0 Needs Your Questions and Topics

I'm about to ask Rudy if it's time and if he has the energy to do a third Kings Roundtable, though obviously the table needn't be round since there are only two people sitting at it. Kings Cafetable? No. Anyway, last time people suggested that we take questions and topics beforehand, which I thought was a good idea, so I'm doing that now. You can assume we'll find ourselves talking about the obvious stuff, the roster, who's going to make the team, prospects, pending free agents, fro or no, is moller too small (no he isn't), how much would you pay for a "foxy hat" that is like a puckhead only it looks like jim fox's hair, is the rebuild over, and other perennial topics. Also, if you're one of the untold thousands of visitors who haven't commented yet, this would be a good time to throw in your two cents.