Kings' Scramble

Fun for probably no-one, but, well...sorry. I accidentally made anagrams of every Kings player and a handful of prospects. Two of the players yielded no anagrams at all, so in one case I used his full nickname, and in the other I used the phonetic pronunciation of his most interesting name. I guess there will have to be some kind of prize for getting the most right, or, alternately, anyone who bothers.

A Hockey Smith
Adrenal Fox Lover
Advised We Risk
Cello's Armor
Cuddle Pertly
Darn Horrid Scab
Dour Scribe
Drop Her Later
Err Reeks Big
Her Canny Bends
Hand us Zilch, Ma
Hot Ninja Quack
It Burns Down
Jay's No Nerd
Jilt Mini L.A. Wuss
Junk Chicken Jogs for a Month
Met an Egret
My Shy Rant
No Darn Bagels
No Zip Karate
Old Neon Lanes
One Kind Violator
Rattler's Jolt
Sew-On Dynamism (or) Damn Messy Wino (or) My Snowman Side
Tree Butt Clone
Visas in a Train
Wed Thy Gourd
You See Me Hooky?