Kings-Sharks Preview: Do the Shuffle

Since we last met the San Jose Sharks...

Handzus of the Thundering Locks is out with an illness, and Colin White is absent due to a funeral, so there are some changes in the Sharks lineup. With Couture and Pavelski on hand, they have multiple options at center, and Todd McLellan said: "We’ll start the night in a certain way, but whether we finish that way, I don’t know. We can dress seven ‘D’ as well."

These are how the lines skated in practice:

A. Murray-Mitchell-McGinn
D. Murray-Boyle

*Vandermeer could be playing with Demers instead.

The Kings have been thoroughly reshuffled as well, so the burning question is: "Will these lines stay intact for the entire game?" If Terry Murray needs help, Quisp can power up the Lineshuffletron Hat-O-Matic. Or just use a Boggle set and go by player initials.

I'm gonna be honest here. I've waited so long for Gagne and Richards to be reunited, I'm a little afraid of what I'll do if they are separated. I can't throw things at my TV, I need to use it.

Let it be longer than ten minutes.

I'm sorry, Kopi.