Kings vs Canucks; How's It Looking?

A year ago today I was looking at where the Los Angeles Kings would pick in the Draft lottery. Nothing could have beaten the prize the year prior with Drew Doughty entering the fold (2nd overall). Last year, it turned out the 5th pick got you Brayden Schenn, much to Brian Burke's dismay. This year has been a bit different, obviously, but I was definitely hoping the Kings wouldn't have to face one of the following three; Chicago Blackhawks, Nashville Predators, Vancouver Canucks. In that order. But here we are and Thursday can't come fast enough. Both fan bases are eagerly waiting to get this show on the road, but I must admit, I'm staying pretty calm about this match up.

There have been various breakdowns already from different people and I was originally going to have this piece focus on one in particular because I love to "discuss"how some media think they know everything when, in fact, they probably have watched one Kings game this year (and that's because they played the Toronto Maple Leafs). Said writer is our dear friend Mr. Scott Burnside over at ESPN, but when I read his piece, I realized that he basically said nothing. How utterly boring.

Anyway, back to my original thoughts. At this time last year I was making my playoff bracket and had placed Vancouver as the winner of the Western Conference. I was pretty confident in my selection since it seemed like it was time for them to make a deep run, but that was not the case then and it will not be the case this year. To be honest, it's not because they're playing the Kings, more because they're not as good from my perspective. Right now I'm confident with the Kings' forward lines, the defensive pairings, and have just a bit less confidence with the goalie situation.

We're starting in two days, people. What are your concerns? What are you confident about?

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