Jewels on Kings Weekly: Talking #Fancystats on Fox Sports West

Eric discusses Corsi, PDO,<strike> grit,</strike> and zone starts with Alex Curry.

As part of Fox Sports West's recurring Kings Weekly show (Thursday nights after Kings hockey!), I got the chance to explain some of the basic concepts behind hockey's new "advanced" stats. It's probably very familiar to regular readers of the blog, but if you want a quick crash course on Corsi, PDO, or zone starts, this might just help. And if you already know all about it but would also like to take copious notes about my physical appearance, look no further!

Here's the segment, which aired as part of Episode 2 (the "Coffee with Bob and Darryl" episode) of Kings Weekly:

Thanks to Jack Wilson, Alex Curry, and Fox Sports West for making this happen. We're hoping to be back on later this season.