Kings/Wings: What You Need to Know [Game Preview]

  • The Kings are 8 points behind the Wings, and the Wings have a game in hand.
    The Kings sit in 9th place in the official (per ESPN) standings. But ANA and CHI have played four more games than the Kings. So, correcting for games played (say, by looking at WIN%), the Kings are still ahead of them.
  • COL and CBJ are a point ahead of the Kings, but have played one more game. So the Kings are still (a hair) ahead of them, too.
  • So, for those of you (us) freaking out, the Kings are not in 9th. They're in 5th.
    Five games from the 1st seed (DET), four games from the 15th seed (EDM).
  • So, in other words, don't lose anymore. /