Knightly News: Evening Linkings (4/14/12)

Our "Yes we still owe Megalodon" post-Vancouver-travel edition!

Game 2 Roundup

  • There were some nailbiting moments, but my mood after the game last night is best captured by Doughty's expression in this picture. Grin.
  • Praise for the captain's record-making effort as the Kings take a 2-0 series lead. [LA Times]
  • When I read game recaps in the Canadian press, I imagine Vizzini's voice crying "Inconceivable!" [The Province]
  • Then there's "Do you believe in miracles?" Hmm, I'd rather believe in this team. [Globe & Mail]
  • What's more likely to implode at any moment, the Canucks' power play, or a North Korean missile? [Vancouver Sun]
  • Two of Justin Williams' relatives happened to be sitting next to me last night. At one point, they were puzzled by the crowd's vociferous booing at a routine Luongo save. We explained that they thought Trevor Lewis had given Luongo a snow shower. They looked at the replay again in disbelief, then laughed. (This still cracks me up.)
  • Homerrific broadcaster Jim Hughson tried to bend reality to his will last night, missing the fact that Brown had actually hit the net for his first goal, and raving about a miraculous save instead. I know the goal light didn't go on, but you have to ignore a whole lot of other clues to keep going on as long as he did. "What an amazing save! Even the Kings are throwing up their arms to celebrate it!...And the ref too! Why, he keeps pointing at the net in amazement!" Uh, Jim...? [Puck Daddy]
  • Vigneault reviewed the game and said the Kings were stronger on the puck; only Luongo kept it close.
  • Darryl Sutter wasn't satisfied with LA's effort, listing what they have to do better in Game 3. Four wins matter and two don't, gentlemen. [LAK Insider]
  • Despite a flurry of shots in the third by the desperate Canucks, scoring chances were pretty even at 15 'Nucks, 13 Kings. [Canucks Army]

Game 3 Roster Updates

  • Daniel Sedin did not travel with the team to LA. Vigneault states, "There is no timeline on these injuries." [National Post]
  • Richardson, who may be ready to play as early as Game 4 on Wednesday, is making progress. Clifford isn't even ready to begin skating again yet, so is definitely out. [LAK Insider]
  • Vigneault has decided on his starting goalie, but he's not sharing it with the public yet. Luongo is preparing in his usual way. Schneider is fending off Oiler fan hatred. It's Not Baseball! [Vancouver Sun]

Anything to add? Let me know!