Kukla's Korner: More Loopy Jack Johnson Sr. Stories are Surfacing

There’s this really creepy story about Jim Rutherford having dinner with Jack Johnson while the former was trying to convince the latter to forgo his college career to play for the Hurricanes. After some period of time, JJ revealed that his father was sitting in the parking lot of the restaurant, and had been out there the whole time. Rutherford, taken aback by that news, suggested that JJ bring his father in, but the Johnsons preferred to work it their own way. Their own, creepy way. Even then, Canes fans thought it was a little like Carl Lindros.

Now, this crazy man has written a letter on behalf of his 22 year old son. This is just weird. This whole thing is downright bizarre.

At the end of the day, most Hurricanes fans are happy about the trade. Carolina ended up with a very dependable (regular season, anyway) defenseman in Tim Gleason, they were able to shed some salary in Oleg Tverdovsky, and they got rid of a bad situation with JJ.

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