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A quick look at the numbers behind the Kings 3 game losing streak.

After an 8 game win streak the Kings have now dropped 3 in a row. Is there cause for concern? Let’s take a quick look at some of their underlying numbers over the last 3 games.

Even Strength Numbers over Last 3 Games

Team Goals% Shots% ScoringChance% Corsi% EV Save% EV Sh%
LA Kings 33% 62% 55% 64% 0.895 3.30%

Sources: Time On Ice, Nick.

The Kings have dominated the action over the last 3 games. They’ve owned 64% of all shots attempted and 62% of all shots on goal. They have out-shot opponents 92-57, yet have been out-scored 3-6. Those numbers cannot easily be explained by score effects as they’ve owned 62% of all attempts in close game situations.

The culprits have been percentages. Kings goaltenders have posted a .882 save percentage at all strengths over that span while opposing goaltenders have posted a .949.

They’ve out-shot their opponents over the last 3 games 118-76 and out-chanced them 50-39. LA is still playing very good hockey and if they keep it up, more wins are on the horizon.

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