NHL fans prefer Gary Bettman to other commissioners

Being more favorable than Roger Goodell and Rob Manfred is one thing, but topping Adam Silver is quite the achievement.

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As if 2020 wasn’t weird enough, the one-impossible has now happened – hockey fans like Gary Bettman.

In the latest SB Nation Reacts survey, fans were asked if they were confident in NHL commissioner Gary Bettman. Despite being booed for doing just about anything, fans actually gave Bettman a literal vote of confidence. More than 50 percent of fans trust the commissioner, though it’s worth noting this poll was conducted before the draft lottery, when a placeholder team won the no. 1 overall pick. I can’t imagine Kings fans were too disappointed in the lottery results, but other fanbases may have changed their feelings regarding Bettman in the intervening days.

Taking things even further, fans responded that they would rather have Bettman than any other commissioner among the four major leagues.

Fans were asked if Bettman was a better commissioner than his three counter parts – NBA commissioner Adam Silver, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell, and MLB commissioner Rob Manfred. In each instance, NHL fans selected Bettman.

The questions come as all four commissioners deal with how their sport will return from COVID-19. The NHL, NBA and MLB are all expected to return in late July while the NFL is on roughly its same schedule.

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