Pretend-It’s-An-Off-Day Watch, March 20: No Kings News Here!

I am going to avoid talking about the Kings, expect once. At the bottom. Where they belong.

Overall, a great weekend. The weather was awesome, there were plenty of entertaining sporting events to choose from, and both UCLA and USC had strong showings in the NCAA tournament. Even some sad news had a bright lining, as loads of people had an opportunity to realize/remember just how influential a life Chuck Berry led.

In the world of hockey the playoff picture became much clearer, with Edmonton and St. Louis cementing their positions in the west, while the east looks pretty well decided save for the final wild-card spot and divisional positioning. Let’s look at some highlights from the weekend, shall we?

Weekend Highlights

  • The Colorado Avalanche went full-Avalanche last night, losing a 3-1 lead on the Chicago Blackhawks in 34 seconds. Yes, 34 seconds./
  • I will watch Connor McDavid here, I will watch Connor McDavid there, I will watch Connor McDavid anywhere. I mean, across the body to high glove side like this? Pacific division looking scary, folks./
  • Best in the business (for my money) Carey Price doing what he…just watch the save, ok?/
  • Finally, a cool feature here, as puts some of the week’s best highlights in slow motion. Well worth the 3:16./

News Worth Reading

  1. Unless you’re paying attention to games out east, you might not realize just how good a season Erik Karlsson is having. It’s been really, really good.
  2. In additional weekend news that may have slipped by you, the U.S. Women's National Team announced that will sit out the upcoming World Championships. Get a sense of their motivation here.
  3. Matthew Tkachuk is dirty, and was dirty before this weekend. Read up on his growing rap sheet – and reputation around the league – here.
  4. Finally, in this posts’ only Kings-centric bulletin, a fantastic article by The Hockey News’ Dom Luszczyszyn. I hope to put together a piece that references this article in the not-too distant future, but it really is worth your time. It is also Rosen-approved.