Crown Conversations Episode 38: Bubble Hockey + Quarantine Qualifiers

Hockey is back! Yay? It’s “postseason” pre-playoff hockey inside in the bubble.

The NHL has resumed operations — kind of. The Great Pause of 2020 has ceased and now it’s time for hockey inside the bubble as 24 teams traveled to Toronto and Edmonton to play not-regular-season hockey.

Sarah and I discuss the NHL’s response to racism and how WNBA players are leading the way. (Really, anytime you want to look at human rights activism, Black and Trans womxn are at the forefront showing us how sh*t gets done.)

Plus, we talk about the Chicago Blackhawks (and their lack of response to racism with both their name and within their community) and how every single team in the Western Conference can simultaneously lose all of their games while also not winning the magical first overall pick thanks to the NHL’s very weird lottery odds. Also, we’re No. 2! So, there’s that.

And, is Taylor Hall really that magical? Should we root for the Arizona Coyotes to beat their opponent or should we root for them to win the first overall pick? I mean, Taylor Hall magic but also, a division rival getting the first pick in a deep, deep lottery is a little squirmy to think about.

Listen and subscribe below and then check out the whole schedule here. Stay tuned to Crown Conversations because later we will also be dropping an episode dedicated to WHY you should root for certain teams — from their fans!