LEAKED: The Unofficial-but-probably-100%-correct Schedule for Games 3 & 4

Kings' next playoff home game may happen as soon as Friday

[1/12/13 Note to visitors: I see a lot of people searching for the NHL's unofficial schedule for 2013. If you want a leaked outline of key dates, follow that link.]

Patrick O'Neal of Fox Sports West let a few cats out of the bag on Twitter this afternoon (and has since backtracked furiously), but I expect the dates and times he released will turn out to be accurate. Once the NHL gets over itself and stops its pointless hush-hush super secret act, we'll know for sure. (It'd be nice be able to plan our lives.)

Still. We'll note that these times are Unofficial.

Game 3 in Los Angeles -- Friday, May 18th, 6 p.m. Pacific

Game 4 -- Sunday, May 20th, Noon

NBC naturally wants to accommodate their viewers on the East coast. But the traffic downtown in rush hour Friday night will be terrible. Looks like everyone with tickets is going to have to beg to leave early, and then say a prayer. That bites.

Then they'll have to deal with another early noon start. At least they handled it well in Game 4 against the Blues.

If there are any updates/corrections, we'll keep you posted.

Fun while we wait: Pictures of Wayne Gretzky in a Celebrity LA Gear Street Hockey Bonaaanza. Baywatch, 90210, Janet Gretzky in short shorts -- turn up the Bel Biv Devoe. It doesn't get more rockin' than that.