Let’s Get Crackin’!

Now you too can deliver a Snoop-endorsed message on your body

Listening to a knowledgeable, experienced voice in the broadcast booth is a hallmark of all sports, helping to demystify a sport for new fans while bringing new insights to long-time viewers.

But sometimes, you need the voice of the everyman to just say what we’re all thinking.

Enter Snoop Dogg.

During his time on the broadcast, Snoop Dogg treated us to a refrain of “Move, Dion, get out the way”, encouraged players to actually shoot the puck, gave Jim Fox the opportunity to teach everyone a bit about zone coverage versus man-to-man coverage, and, of course, desperately wanted to see someone drop the gloves.

We’ve teamed up with our friends over at BreakingT to immortalize Snoop and his need for excitement with this brand new t-shirt:

Tell the world, and the Los Angeles Kings, that you’re ready to get crackin’ with your brand new shirt. Snoop Dogg would be all about it, but he’d probably want to see you drop the gloves, too.

If you pick one up, make sure you share a picture of you (or your dog, or small horse, or whatever) wearing one in the comments here on the site, or over on the Jewels from the Crown Twitter account.