Lombardi Cliff Notes

I am going to bold what are, to me, the interesting bits. The whole interview is must-read, but you knew that and probably have already read it.

Lombardi, on goalies - LA Kings Insider

"With what Quicker [Jonathan Quick] has done for us, this guy has earned the right to come into camp as the No. 1 goalie. [...] I don’t know if the term is, `It’s your job to lose,’ so to speak. He gets the benefit of the doubt, and then you let it go from there. Obviously we’re not looking to play him 75 games. I think that’s safe to say, but I think he deserves to be considered the No. 1 going in. Quite frankly, I would love to have the problem of two No. 1s, considering what I had four years ago."

I forget who the other potential #1 is.