Lombardi talks Trevor Lewis

Lombardi [on Trevor Lewis]: He's a statement for the organization as a whole. First of all, as an individual, he's always been a very focused kid. He'll do anything that's asked. He's always been one of our best students in the development program. And he's not done getting better. I'm convinced that there's still upside [and] a big part of his upside is [...] his will. [...] This is your minor league system now starting to bear fruit. This is the way [...] players should come up. Finish your junior career. [Learn] to be a top player in the minors, to be one of the leaders down there ([now] he's a much more vocal guy) learn to play the right way (we play a very similar system down there as we do up top) and then break your way in on the fourth line here with a limited role, [...] show you can play, [...] get more ice time. That's the way for a young professional to come up. [...] He's a great example of the way I think the organization should work, from top to bottom.

Remember that the next time you read that prospect x is down to his last strike, has one more chance to stick with the team, is over, is a bust, or whatever other knee-jerk comment people make when they personally are tired of the same old prospect not turning into a star after three years, or four, or five. It's always a good idea to assume Lombardi is more patient than most of us. And people are always looking for home runs when they should just be looking to get on base.