[UPDATED] Lombardi's first pick this year is #49 -- will he trade up?

[UPDATE: Rich Hammond's post on 6/13 indicates that the Kings picks from the 3rd round on are #80, #110, #140, #170 and #200. While I certainly trust Rich and have to consider the possibility that I'm missing something, I am pretty sure I'm right about the numbers below. I assume Rich's numbers are based on the fact that the Canadiens were awarded a compensatory 2nd round pick because they were not able to sign their 1st round 2006 draftee; compensatory picks are added to the round in addition to the 30 usual picks, which bumps all the picks after it down one. However, as far as I can tell, the New jersey Devils lost their 3rd round pick as part of their circumvention penalty back in the Summer of Kovalchuk. As a result, it appears -- to me, anyway -- that the added MTL pick and the subtracted NJD pick cancel each other out, at least as far as the Kings' picks are concerned.]

The draft is two weeks away, and these are the Kings' picks:

  • #49 (2nd round)
  • #79 (3rd round)
  • #109 (4th round)
  • #139 (5th round)
  • #169 (6th round)
  • #199 (7th round)
That's all the Kings' original picks except the 1st round pick they sent to EDM for Dustin Penner, and includes no picks acquired via trade.

Dean Lombardi has had a first round pick in his every draft as a GM, except one year -- 2000, in San Jose, when he dealt his 1st round pick in the Vincent Damphousse trade. Interestingly, that year Lombardi's first pick would have been #49, same as this year, but he traded up to #41. Forty-one is the lowest first pick Lombardi has ever had. Second-lowest, 27, then 20.

I will be really interested to see if he sets a new low this year, at #49.

Lombardi has never left a draft having only used his team's original picks, without at least a couple of picks acquired from others.

Last draft, Lombardi consolidated his picks and ended up selecting five players, which was a record low quantity for him. His previous four Kings drafts he had 10, 9, 10 and 9 picks.

Lombardi has made deals in the first round in 2006 (acquiring the Trevor Lewis pick), 2008 (trading up to select Colten Teubert) and 2010 (trading up to pick Derek Forbort). He attempted to in 2007, when he wanted to trade down to take Hickey later in the first, but he couldn't find a dance partner. 2009 was the Schenn year, when Lombardi made Burke's head explode. With the Sharks, he made first round deals the first three years, then not the last four.

What will he do this time?

Before or during this year's draft, Dean Lombardi will...

stick with the six picks he's got.31
package picks to trade up a bit.62
trade players to get a first round pick.24
add a few mid/late round picks via minor trades.49