Schedule Highlights: Outdoor Game (?), Road Trips, and Rematches

A potential outdoor game in San Jose on February 21 highlights LA's regular season schedule.

The Kings have done a really good job of showing that the regular season ain't that important, but there's still plenty to look forward to in 2014-15. Check out the full schedule, then read on for the highlights of the newly released slate of games.

  • If I was a fan of any other team, I'd feel really, really bad for San Jose. They were the fourth team in NHL history to lose a series after going up 3-0, and how are they starting the next season? By watching the team that did it celebrate that accomplishment with another banner. Chances of San Jose blowing out LA in an angry revenge performance: decent.

    That home opener takes place on October 8, along with three other contests: Philadelphia at Boston, Montreal at Toronto, and Vancouver at Calgary. These are the first games of the NHL season.
  • The Kings get to play seven of their first eight games at home, with the eighth game being in Phoenix. It also includes some easier games against Winnipeg, Edmonton, and Buffalo. Big opportunity for LA to get an early lead in the Pacific Division.
  • We'll get all the Sharks-related games out of the way now, I guess. There have been no shortage of rumors that San Jose will be hosting an outdoor regular season game this year. LA has also been cited as the most likely opponent. So when we see that the Kings have a road game against the Sharks... in February... on Saturday night... that's being nationally televised in Canada...

    ... let's just say that I'm clearing my schedule on February 21.
  • The Kings close the season against... who else? The Sharks, on April 11. It could very well decide the division title. Or, maybe the pesky Ducks will decide to catch fire during the regular season again.
  • One notable fixture of the Kings' schedule every year is the Grammy road trip; with the Grammy Awards taking place at the Staples Center every year, all the tenants are forced to play a few games on the road. This year, it's only five games, but Boston->Washington->Florida->Tampa Bay->Columbus still isn't fun from a travel perspective.
  • The Kings have two other five-game road trips this season: December 9-16, and March 23-30. The latter trip includes the Kings' only away games against the Blackhawks and Rangers, both of whom were knocked out by LA in the playoffs. It'll be a hostile trip, then.
  • LA gets one very long homestand, though, as they'll play seven straight at Staples from January 3-19.
  • Finally: we don't know the American television schedule yet, but it looks like even a second Stanley Cup in three years won't convince NBC to give the Kings their due. The Kings did at least get a healthy amount of exposure on NBCSN in 2013-14, but we'll have to wait and see exactly what kind of TV time LA will get this season.

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