Los Angeles Kings Announce 2017-18 Regular Season Schedule

The schedule features 82 games, as usual. Analysis within!

In between the NHL Expansion Draft and the NHL Entry Draft, a schedule release can get lost in the shuffle. But the NHL did indeed release the full schedule for the 31 (!) teams in the league today. The Los Angeles Kings’ regular season schedule is below, with some thoughts to follow.

Los Angeles Kings 2017-18 Schedule.csv

October 5, 2017PhiladelphiaLA KINGS7:30 PM
October 7, 2017LA KINGSSan Jose7:30 PM
October 11, 2017CalgaryLA KINGS7:30 PM
October 14, 2017BuffaloLA KINGS7:30 PM
October 15, 2017N.Y. IslandersLA KINGS7:30 PM
October 18, 2017MontrealLA KINGS7:30 PM
October 21, 2017LA KINGSColumbus4:00 PM
October 23, 2017LA KINGSToronto4:00 PM
October 24, 2017LA KINGSOttawa4:30 PM
October 26, 2017LA KINGSMontreal4:30 PM
October 28, 2017LA KINGSBoston4:00 PM
October 30, 2017LA KINGSSt. Louis5:00 PM
November 2, 2017TorontoLA KINGS7:30 PM
November 4, 2017NashvilleLA KINGS7:30 PM
November 7, 2017LA KINGSAnaheim7:00 PM
November 9, 2017Tampa BayLA KINGS7:30 PM
November 12, 2017San JoseLA KINGS7:30 PM
November 14, 2017VancouverLA KINGS7:30 PM
November 16, 2017BostonLA KINGS7:30 PM
November 18, 2017FloridaLA KINGS1:00 PM
November 19, 2017LA KINGSLas Vegas5:00 PM
November 22, 2017WinnipegLA KINGS7:30 PM
November 24, 2017LA KINGSArizona6:00 PM
November 25, 2017AnaheimLA KINGS7:30 PM
November 28, 2017LA KINGSDetroit4:30 PM
November 30, 2017LA KINGSWashington4:00 PM
December 1, 2017LA KINGSSt. Louis5:00 PM
December 3, 2017LA KINGSChicago4:00 PM
December 5, 2017MinnesotaLA KINGS7:30 PM
December 7, 2017OttawaLA KINGS7:30 PM
December 9, 2017CarolinaLA KINGS7:30 PM
December 12, 2017LA KINGSNew Jersey4:00 PM
December 15, 2017LA KINGSN.Y. Rangers4:00 PM
December 16, 2017LA KINGSN.Y. Islanders4:00 PM
December 18, 2017LA KINGSPhiladelphia4:00 PM
December 21, 2017ColoradoLA KINGS7:30 PM
December 23, 2017LA KINGSSan Jose7:00 PM
December 28, 2017Las VegasLA KINGS7:30 PM
December 30, 2017LA KINGSVancouver7:00 PM
January 2, 2018LA KINGSEdmonton6:00 PM
January 4, 2018LA KINGSCalgary6:00 PM
January 6, 2018NashvilleLA KINGS7:30 PM
January 13, 2018AnaheimLA KINGS7:30 PM
January 15, 2018San JoseLA KINGS1:00 PM
January 18, 2018PittsburghLA KINGS7:30 PM
January 19, 2018LA KINGSAnaheim7:00 PM
January 21, 2018N.Y. RangersLA KINGS7:30 PM
January 23, 2018LA KINGSVancouver7:00 PM
January 24, 2018LA KINGSCalgary7:00 PM
January 30, 2018LA KINGSDallas5:30 PM
February 1, 2018LA KINGSNashville5:00 PM
February 3, 2018ArizonaLA KINGS7:30 PM
February 7, 2018EdmontonLA KINGS7:30 PM
February 9, 2018LA KINGSFlorida4:30 PM
February 10, 2018LA KINGSTampa Bay4:00 PM
February 13, 2018LA KINGSCarolina4:00 PM
February 15, 2018LA KINGSPittsburgh4:00 PM
February 17, 2018LA KINGSBuffalo10:00 AM
February 19, 2018LA KINGSChicago5:30 PM
February 20, 2018LA KINGSWinnipeg5:00 PM
February 22, 2018DallasLA KINGS7:30 PM
February 24, 2018EdmontonLA KINGS7:00 PM
February 26, 2018Las VegasLA KINGS7:30 PM
February 27, 2018LA KINGSLas Vegas7:00 PM
March 1, 2018ColumbusLA KINGS7:30 PM
March 3, 2018ChicagoLA KINGS1:00 PM
March 8, 2018WashingtonLA KINGS7:30 PM
March 10, 2018St. LouisLA KINGS1:00 PM
March 12, 2018VancouverLA KINGS7:30 PM
March 13, 2018LA KINGSArizona7:00 PM
March 15, 2018DetroitLA KINGS7:30 PM
March 17, 2018New JerseyLA KINGS1:00 PM
March 19, 2018LA KINGSMinnesota5:00 PM
March 20, 2018LA KINGSWinnipeg5:00 PM
March 22, 2018LA KINGSColorado6:00 PM
March 24, 2018LA KINGSEdmonton7:00 PM
March 26, 2018CalgaryLA KINGS7:30 PM
March 29, 2018ArizonaLA KINGS7:30 PM
March 30, 2018LA KINGSAnaheim7:00 PM
April 2, 2018ColoradoLA KINGS7:30 PM
April 5, 2018MinnesotaLA KINGS7:30 PM
April 7, 2018DallasLA KINGS7:30 PM


  • Repeat Openers! For the second straight year, the Kings’ home opener will be against the Philadelphia Flyers, although this year it’s also the Kings’ season opener. Last year, LA’s first game was on the road, as the San Jose Sharks raised their Western Conference Champions banner. This year, LA’s road opener is again in San Jose, but it’ll be the second game of the season. It’s the first time since 2013-14 that the Kings’ first game is not against the Sharks, and I’m relieved. None of those games ended well.
  • Road Trips! LA had two hellacious road trips last season; one spanned nine games, while the other spanned nine games with a single home game smack in the middle. To our relief, there’s nothing that bad this year, though the Kings have a seven-gamer, a six-gamer, and four separate four-gamers. Part of the reason? The Grammy Awards are now in New York, so as we surmised last year, the annual Grammy Road Trip is a thing of the past.
  • Vegas! By the luck of the draw, the Kings only get two road games against the Vegas Golden Knights. November 19, 2017 will be a crowded one; it’s the first, and it’s on a Sunday at 5:00 PM, meaning that you have the opportunity to watch hockey while exhausted and deeply hung over. (Don’t worry, I won’t ask you what you did.) The other game is on a Tuesday in February, the day after the Golden Knights’ second game at Staples Center. Their first is on December 28.
  • Ducks and Sharks! The Kings are again done with the San Jose Sharks early. Last year, their final game with their Bay Area foes was on January 18; this year it’s on January 15. Weird. LA’s five showdowns with Anaheim are pretty spread out. It’s too bad that in what will be a down year for a number of teams in the Pacific, the only team LA plays five times is the one that usually wins the Pacific. Such is life.
  • The Home Stretch! The Kings’ last three games are outside the division, which I’m pretty sure hasn’t happened in a while. They’ll take on Colorado, Minnesota, and Dallas in their final three contests. They are at home, though, and it’s nice knowing that their final six games are in Southern California./

Anything else I missed? Add it in the comments.