What’s in a goal? Kings lose, then tie, then lose.

Who knows what goalie interference is? Not us!

How do goal reviews make you feel? Angry? Nervous? Anxious? Full of fury? All of the above?

Kings fans got to experience all of those emotions twice in mere seconds in the dying moments of tonight’s game. Dustin Brown scored with 18 seconds left in the third, bringing the Kings within one. The team continued to press after that, gaining possession after the face-off, and — scored a goal? That wasn’t a goal? That maybe should have been a goal?

There was a mad scramble in front of the net. It didn’t look like it went in.

But maybe it did?

The officials make the announcement that the puck crossed the line. Good goal!


Our good friend Goalie Interference rears its head again, and the goal is subsequently reviewed to see if Brown interfered with Cam Talbot’s ability to play his position.

No goal.

On the broadcast, Jim Fox is going full on CSI, dissecting the play and the way the call was handled by the officials.

Team and league responses are below. But what do you think?

Should the tying goal have counted?

No! 29
I have other feelings that I will comment with.3


Comments from Dustin Brown:

Comments from John Stevens:

Official NHL Explanation:

The NHL breaks their explanation down into two stages:

  1. The Situation Room initiates a review to see if the puck crossed the line. Their review said that yes, it did.
  2. In response to a Coach’s Challenge, the Situation Room re-reviewed the goal for interference. Per the NHL, “After reviewing all available replays and consulting with NHL Hockey Operations staff, the Referee determined that Brown pushed Talbot’s pad and the puck across the goal line.