Crown Conversations: Reverse Retro Jerseys Part 1: The First Half

The highly (somewhat?) anticipated reverse retro jerseys have all been revealed and the verdict is in. Do you agree with our takes?

James and Sarah join Crown Conversations to discuss the NHL’s latest cash grab: The reverse retro jerseys. Some are fine, some are fire and some are just plain bad (looking at you, Winnipeg Jets). In Part 1, topics discussed include the LA Kings (obviously), the Anaheim Ducks (project incomplete), the Calgary Flames (Blasty!), the Buffalo Sabres (and their pitiful lack of Buffaslug) jerseys and Tyler Toffoli’s choice of footwear. Plus, Jeff Carter looks like a Los Angeles hobo (but the rich kind) and it’s kinda fun.

Also, a HUGE thank you to all the subscribers and listeners. You’ve put Crown Conversations in the top-15 of SBN NHL podcasts for the third month in a row! I could not do this without any of you, you’re all amazing.

Part two of the podcast with the rest of the teams (including the Edmonton Oilers, who did ... something? I think?) and the Philadelphia Flyers (who missed a huge opportunity to throwback to Bernie Parent!) should be out in a few days. And as always, if you ever have any questions or comments, or if you just want to be on the podcast, leave them below or feel free to email


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