Kings Links: Martinez Awaits Surgery, Brown Debuts, Richards Plays Pickup With Ladd

Dean Lombardi also reveals his crush on Stonewall Jackson.

Alec Martinez will have surgery sometime this week. It looks like that puck shattered his cheekbone. [@amartinez_27]

Some guy named Brayden beat the Monarchs. I don't remember what connection he had to us. [Manchester Monarchs]

How is the lockout affecting the Kings' training regimen? Jeff Angus interviews Ryan Van Asten. [Angus Certified]

Frozen Fury 2011 was a great time to place bets on the Kings. But what to do with the cash? [Royal Half]

Mike Richards and Andrew Ladd threw out a public invitation to a ball hockey game in a Winnipeg parking lot. Hundreds of fans responded to the call. Fun times! We miss hockey. [Winnipeg Sun] [Zach Wolf's Wandering Lens]

Some of the fans who taunted Wayne Simmonds are facing prosecution. [Puck Daddy]

Dean Lombardi is an intense man who gives intense interviews. Jim Fox brings us a three part saga which features Darryl Sutter, Stonewall Jackson, Muhammad Ali, constant baseball references, the time his dad beat the crap out of him for being a lousy teammate, the Vietnam War, and Plato's Republic. If you want a peek into Dean's mind, this is like drinking from a firehose. [The Lombardiad Book I] [Book II] [Book III]

Dustin Brown made his debut in Switzerland. His team lost, but he scored a beauty of a goal. [Mayors Manor]


He just had to put up with some chirps about his stylish new outfit:

Finally: the Kings Care Foundation is matching donations to Hurricane Sandy relief through tomorrow, Nov. 15th. Last chance! [LA Kings Care Red Cross Donation Form]

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