Crown Conversations: Quack Quack, It’s Freeway Faceoff Time!

CJ Woodling from Crash the Pond joined the podcast to talk about why the Ducks are so bad and what to expect from this series (recorded on 4/27).

NOTE: This podcast was originally recorded on 4/28, but is only now going up due to some technological issues, which have thankfully now been resolved. Also, my sincerest apologies, but there will not be a transcript accompanying this episode.

The Los Angeles Kings and Anaheim Ducks played a mini playoff series last with only pride at stake since neither are making the actual postseason. That said, these “rivalry” games are always treated intensely and there’s even more at stake with hot prospects Trevor Zegras and Quinton Byfield seeing NHL time. With help from CJ Woodling at Crash the Pond, we go in-depth on the Ducks’ problems, the Shea Theodore trade, and how youth does not equate automatic success. He defends Frederik Andersen versus John Gibson, stating that the Toronto Maple Leafs actually did get a good goalie in him, but much like Carey Price, is overworked and feeling the burden.

Anaheim is also in desperate need of a full rebuild, but general manager Bob Murray seems to be in denial about that, while his counterpart in LA, seems to be going about it in the right way. Come for the sad Ducks fan, stay for CJ’s piping hot prediction about who will their next Stanley Cup Championship first.


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