Would You Take the Kings to Win it All at 10/1 Odds?

The Kings are one of the Vegas favorites to win the 2015-16 Stanley Cup.

Like many pundits (and certain bloggers), the oddsmakers apparently believe that the Los Angeles Kings missing the 2015 Stanley Cup playoffs won't hamper their chances of a rebound. Chicago, as expected, have the best odds to win another Cup, but LA joins the other three conference finalists in the second tier of favorites. Along with the division rival Anaheim Ducks, LA has 10/1 odds.

In addition to those five, seven other teams are going off at odds of 20/1 or better according to Bovada. Here's the list of your "top" teams:

Chicago Blackhawks: 13/2
Anaheim Ducks: 10/1
Los Angeles Kings: 10/1
New York Rangers: 10/1
Tampa Bay Lightning: 10/1
Pittsburgh Penguins: 14/1
St. Louis Blues: 14/1
Minnesota Wild: 16/1
Montreal Canadiens: 18/1
Nashville Predators: 18/1
Washington Capitals: 18/1
Boston Bruins: 20/1

And the rather fascinating odds for the rest of the Pacific Division:

Calgary Flames: 28/1
Edmonton Oilers: 33/1
San Jose Sharks: 40/1
Vancouver Canucks: 66/1
Arizona Coyotes: 150/1

If I'm San Jose, I'm a bit offended. And if I'm Arizona, who has the longest odds of any team, I'm looking ahead to Auston Matthews.

What do you think, though? Did Vegas get it right?

What do you think of Bovada's 10/1 odds on the Kings winning the 2015-16 Stanley Cup?

Sounds like a good bet35
Sounds about right68
Sounds like a bad bet21