Jewelcast, Episode 4.10: Old Stories With Different Endings

A summer podcast, headlined by a free agent signing eight years in the making.

We last spoke to you after a shockingly brutal elimination at the hands of the Vegas Golden Knights. The Los Angeles Kings appear to be done licking their wounds and have moved on to... doing the same things they did last offseason, or the offseason before.

But who’s to say that the Kings’ efforts will end like 2017 or 2018, and not like 2012 or 2014? After all, the Caps looked like they were writing the same old story before submitting a different final chapter a couple weeks ago. And LA’s already flipped the script in June by locking down Ilya Kovalchuk, providing an epilogue eight years in the making.

Sarah, Robyn, and Eric are here to talk about how the playoffs, the draft, and the Kovalchuk deal unfolded. Plus, we look ahead to free agency, figure out what else LA is gonna do with their summer vacation, and figure out what was worth remembering in 2017-18.

Listen live at 8:00 PM Pacific You can listen at our episode page or using the widget below.

Expected Topics: Kovalchuk Kovalchuk Kovalchuk; No More Rumors, No More Fun; ToBYEas; A Night in Vegas; Yeah, I’ll Take a Forward; Vilardi Party; O’Reeally? O’Reeally!; And None For You, Golden Knights; Selective Memories

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